At 11 years old, Malala began blogging about her life under the Taliban — and she has been speaking out for girls’ education ever since. Malala Fund created Assembly, a publication and newsletter, to help more girls tell their stories just like Malala.  Assembly is a platform for young women around the world to share their thoughts, challenges and accomplishments — and for all of us to learn about this new generation of leaders.


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Assembly publishes interviews, essays, poems, illustrations, photos and videos submitted by girls and young women about their lives and the issues they care about. Readers can also find feature stories highlighting girl activists and inspiring women.


The newsletter

Assembly is delivered to subscribers' inboxes on the first and third Thursday of every month. Each issue features new articles and sections like “Around the World,” where four girls respond to the same question, and “This moment in history,” which celebrates the contributions of female trailblazers.

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The print edition

We created a print edition of Assembly filled with articles, essays, stories, photos and illustrations from throughout the year.  Our most dedicated readers and Malala Fund’s education champions from around the world distributed copies to students in their communities.

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What readers are saying:

Assembly has given me so many ideas on how to help in reducing the number of girls out of school.
— Hauwa, 16, Nigeria
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Inspiring, informative and just makes me learn from so many girls who never give up.
— Saraí, 19, Mexico
I feel like I have credible representation through it, and that I have a voice which is capable and deserving of being heard.
— Taapti, 16, India
It encourages me to find strength within my own voice and use it to create positive change.
— Maheen, 16, Australia
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