Studying math, catching up with friends, learning new languages: Girls share what they’re excited to do in school this year

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Assembly readers from Nigeria, Colombia, Australia and more write about their plans for the school term.

Whether you’re just beginning classes or already halfway through the school year, Assembly readers have a lot to be excited about. 

17-year-old Mariajose from Mexico is taking three new classes: social sciences, political economy and sociology. She hopes to study them at university next year. In India, 14-year-old Samagya can’t wait to speak to different writers during her school’s Literary Week. And in Afghanistan, 13-year-old Soma is eager to prepare for her future career as an engineer. 

Keep reading to find out what girls around the world are looking forward to learning in school this year. 


“I'm excited that I'm actually entering my final class in secondary school and also looking forward to doing my best in my upcoming exams because this is a very crucial class that comes with lots of demands. I also look forward to the responsibilities attached to being a school prefect, the president of the Press Club and a member of Dora Club.”

— Racheal, 16, Nigeria


“I am really excited for philosophy. This year we will study the history of important philosophers from all over the world and times. I think it is amazing to be able to learn about how different people from different backgrounds used to think and how they used to understand the world.”

— Hafsa, 17, Spain


“I love drawing different things that can deliver my message. As they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ I am drawing to convey the message of Afghan girls who are seeking education. Through drawing, I can connect myself with the hearts of girls who love education and deliver their messages to my society and even to the world.”

— Hasanat, 13, Afghanistan


“I am excited to continue learning everything about the world so I can make it a better place. I want to be able to be a force for change, to enable girls now and in future generations to have their right to an education. I also want to be able to right the wrongs made by climate change. This involves my favourite subjects, humanities and science. I know I have a right to an education, but I am still grateful and I love going to school.”

— Katherine, 17, Australia


“I am a computer science engineering student. This semester we are going to learn discrete mathematics (which is a foundation course for algorithms), automata languages (which act as a prerequisite for AI) and building computing machines (which I love). My dream is to use AI to improve the world. I can’t wait to move forward and achieve my dreams!”

— Aleena, 19, UAE

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“I am currently doing a Bachelor of Art in sociology. This is my first year of university and I am excited to learn about the different aspects that sociology has to offer. One of the aspects that I am most excited to learn is human behaviour because it’s important to know why people do what they do. Learning this aspect can help as I am also a child and youth care practitioner and I work with young people and help them with their behavioural, emotional self.”

— Mandeep, 22, Canada


“I am excited to study science and mathematics in depth this year to prepare myself for a petroleum engineering degree.” 

— Haya, 16, Qatar 


“I am most excited to conduct an experiment in the laboratory. Also, I'm looking forward to learning mathematics in English.”

— Ceren, 14, Turkey


“I’m looking forward to the Literary Week because I love reading and during that week, my school invites many writers. The writers tell us about many things, like how to write a story or a personal diary.”

— Samagya, 14, India

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“I’m really excited about three new classes: social sciences, the economic and political problems of México and sociology. They have to do with the career that I’m choosing next year for college.”

— Mariajose, 17, Mexico 

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“I’m excited about painting and drawing. Also, I would love to learn more languages.”

— Sheela, 14, Afghanistan 

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“Everything I can about sports! Because my dream is to be a pro athlete who competes in the Olympics. I want to inspire people to dream big.”

— Iluka, 13, Australia

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“I’m excited to be learning some really complicated things in math. I love to be challenged and I want to see if I’m up to that challenge.”

— Gabriela, 15, Portugal 

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“I am excited about resuming school this year because I will be starting a new class. I’ll learn many new subjects and also new things in Dora Club. I like learning and meeting my old friends and making new ones who will join my school.”

— Tabansi Blessing, 15, Nigeria

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“I am going into my second year at college and I am so excited to be active in many important clubs. I’m also excited to further my education so I can graduate and be one of the first in my family to do so! My favorite class this year will be my government class so I can learn and help others understand their country’s politics.”

— Gabriela, 18, U.S.


“Well, this is my last year of school, so the things that excite me the most are quite different from other years. This year, I am just enjoying each moment and finding applications to everything I learn. I am so grateful to all the teachers and classmates. School has been an amazing way to learn about myself and raise my talents.”

— Mariana, 17, Colombia

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“I’d like to be an engineer in the future. Education is very important for the bright future of Afghan girls. Education is the only way women can change their lives from darkness to a peaceful world.”

— Soma, 13, Afghanistan


“I’m excited to take my GCSEs (the exams 15- and 16-year-olds sit in the U.K.) so I can finally move on to higher level education and develop deeper subject knowledge in the areas I am really interested in. I’m also super excited to take part in my second school musical because drama is my passion. It helps me make friends, and I can express myself through singing and acting!”

— Millicent, 15, U.K. 

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