A week in the life of a 14-year-old Syrian refugee living in Turkey


After Hedil and her family fled Syria five years ago, she had trouble making friends at school because she didn’t speak Turkish. But she was determined to learn the language and found that her love of music could help her. “When my Turkish friends were listening to Turkish songs, I learnt the names of these songs and checked out the translations of lyrics in Arabic,” she said.

She even joined a choir with IGAM, an organisation supported by Malala Fund that helps Syrian refugees resettle in Turkey. Now that her Turkish is improving, she’s enjoying her classes and new life a lot more.

Hedil talks about leaving Syria, her family and her love of music in this episode of Roll Call. She also introduces you to one of her new friends and shows off their favourite study spot.


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Hedil is a 14-year-old Syrian refugee living in Turkey. The oldest of three siblings, she enjoys playing cards with her brother, playing the flute and singing in a children’s choir.