A week in the life of a 20-year-old Yazidi refugee


Nibras Khudaida had just finished her classes and was celebrating being named “student of the year” when ISIS invaded her village in northern Iraq. With her family, she fled to the nearby city of Erbil and they eventually relocated to the U.S. as refugees. Now a student at Creighton University in Nebraska, Nibras aspires to be a human rights lawyer — just like her role model Amal Clooney.

Nibras loves participating in student clubs and hanging out with her father and her best friend from Iran. While these commitments keep Nibras busy, she still finds time to work on projects she’s passionate about — like establishing the first U.N. Youth delegate in Iraq. Watch Nibras take you through a week in her life.


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Nibras Khudaida is a 20-year-old student refugee from northern Iraq. She is a freshman at Creighton University where she majors in economics and international relations. Nibras hopes to study international law post-graduation at an Ivy League university so she can advocate for human rights and education.