A week in the life of a 13-year-old environmental advocate and aspiring actress from Mexico


At 13 years old, Regina knows exactly what she wants for her future: to become an actress and to live in a world with lots of healthy trees.

Regina lives in Pachuca de Soto in the Hidalgo region of Mexico. Along with her friends, she is working on a project to help raise awareness about environmental sustainability. For Regina, protecting the environment isn’t just about the future — it’s also about preserving childhood memories. She remembers going to the countryside with her family when she was younger. “You wanted to hug the trees because they smelled so fresh,” she says. “It makes me very sad seeing the way it has changed.”

Regina also plays basketball three days a week on her middle school team. She spends her free time watching movies with her mother and younger sister, hanging out at the park and acting out telenovelas.

In Roll Call, Regina shares about the importance of her family and friends, her passion for the environment and her dreams for the future.


This piece is also available in Spanish.

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Regina is a 13-year-old student from Pachuca de Soto, Mexico. She is passionate about the environment, plays basketball on her school’s team and aspires to be an actress one day.