A week in the life of a 19-year-old Indigenous student from Brazil


19-year-old Sthefany Ferreira da Silva hails from Serra do Padeiro, a remote village in northeastern Brazil. Her Indigenous Tupinambá community faces constant threat due to conflict over land ownerships  — but despite the dangers, Sthefany speaks out in support of her community's right to own land. As a university student, she learns new skills that will help her fight for justice.

In Roll Call, Sthefany describes the challenges of being an Indigenous student, like travelling on dangerous roads and sleeping on campus after late-night lectures. She also shares how she’s overcoming these barriers and bringing change to her community.


This piece is also available in Portuguese.

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Sthefany Ferreira da Silva is a 19-year-old nursing student at Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz. She is an advocate for her Tupinambá community in Serra do Padeiro and for Indigenous people’s right to own land.